I was born with tears
    So were you
    I die with tears
    So will you

    They are with me every time
    The different facets of tears
    Tears of joy, tears of sorrow
    Companion for the full and empty mind

    The tear and the rain
    Wash out the dirt
    The rain clears the soiled earth
    The tear clears the soiled mind

    After the rain the sky brightens up
    After the tears the face brightens up
    The smiling face shines
    Like the dew drops of the early mist

    Unlucky is the one
    The one who cannot cry
    They cant tidy their mind
    Alas! Their heart is clogged

    Tears make the most beautiful eyes
    They can melt the hardest heart
    Dont restrain your tears
    They hit back as the mountain waters

    When the mother sees her new born
    Her eyes are filled with tears
    The tears of the deepest joy
    Oh! its the purest of all

    When you are dead
    Tears roll on others' eyes
    The howling and crying
    The tears that show - you were loved

    Oh! Tears come to me
    You are the best of my friends
    Compassionate and caring
    Always with me as a support

    I want to play with you
    I want to taste your sweet sourness
    I want to drown in you
    Oh! You are the best of all.
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