• Chinese Zodiac Sign

    【What Is Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?】
    2014 is the Year of Horse in China.Let's find what is your Chinese animal zodiac in Chinese astrology!
    Chinese astrology deals with divining sciences of wuxing or the five elements (earth, fire, water, metal, wood), Yin and Yang, Chi, and the cycles of time.
    Legend has it that inception of the Chinese zodiac signs began when the Buddha beckoned all the animals to bid him farewell before his departure from the Earth. Only twelve arrived at his summoning, and so those were given a place of honor in a year being named after each.
    You can determine your animal sign by referring to the year you were born and matching it up with the corresponding animal in the chart below.
    Gong Xi Fatt Chai(means Wish you all the best in Chinese)!

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